Thursday, February 4, 2010

7 Mile with Middle 3 Tempo Run

Ran the Middle 3 today at lunch. Nice, in the 40's and the sun came out just before lunch, snow flurries in the morning.

Ran it with Jay, his first middle 3 in a while, he did good but wanted some competition (Craig and Tom).

I ran the 3 miles in 18:35, a bit slower than last week. I
felt good the whole way though, like I could maintain the pace and wasn't pushing to my limit, like I felt last week.

I did get 4 traffic stops and 1 shoe tie at the mile mark. Current Asics laces are different and seem to get loose easier, need to check them before a fast run or race.

Easy run there and back. Good Run
Craig M did a middle 4 and Scott and Chipman went around Wash Park.

7 Miles 50:35

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