Sunday, February 7, 2010

Long Run 20 - CC Dam

Ran my first 20 mile long run today in my Boston training plan.
Matt ran with me. He's 3 weeks away from a 31 mile ultra so this was his last long run to prepare.
We ran from my house and did my 20 Mile route, through CC Park, on the other side of the Dam along 225, under 225 to Kennedy Golf course then out the CC Trail to a turn around point and back around the Dam to Parker Road and then home. A very Hilly 20 mile route, especially the last 5 miles. A lot of uphills

There was about 1/8 inch of snow on the ground when we started with light snow falling, little wind from the North, temperature around 30. Not great but could be worse. We started off a bit slower than last week. 3 1/2 Miles into the run I was running along the path and boom, slipped on some ice beneath the snow I didn't know was there. I landed on my left forearm and legs, not too bad a fall, kinda stunned me. Matt said i got a lot of air and looked like Charlie Brown kicking a football when Lucy pulls it out. I shook it off and started running again, the adrenaline made us run fast for a bit, I think that was our fastest mile.

There were a few other slick spots, we each slipped a couple of times, but caught ourselves.

When we got to the turn around, point near Illiff on the path, we talked a bit how we were both fatigued and feeling it more than the 19 we did last week. This route is tougher and the snow made a difference. We had a steady snow the whole way, but it warmed up some and was slushy in spots. There was close to a half inch in some places when we finished.

We made it through the hills in the snow, Matt ran ahead on every one and waited for me at the top. He's in great shape and will do well in his ultra (if his brother does not wear him out in the first 10 miles). I kind of got into a death march on the last couple of hills, muscles tightened and didn't have the speed or the push I should have.

Total time for me was 2:53:50, Matt was closer to 2:45.

20 Miles, 2:53:50 (8:41 Pace) About 10 seconds per mile slower than last weeks 19.
Garmin Watch Data

6 Weeks into the plan. 52 Miles this week.
10 Weeks to Boston, 6 Weeks to Moab

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  1. I hope you weren't running backwards when you fell ;). Glad you were ok, sounds like a nice run!