Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mile High Hill Repeats X 8

Ran the Mile High Hill Repeat workout today at lunch. 8 Hill repeats. Week 5 of Boston Training and Week 5 of hill repeats.

Craig M and I left the Y at 11:45, when we got to the hill, Tom, Ted and Craig C had already done a couple of repeats.

Tom did 5 repeats and Craig C did 6.

Craig M did 6 with me. He did them around 2:10. I was a bit slower at 2:13 - 2:20 range.

I did the last 2 by myself with a break between. #7 was the slowest at 2:20.

At the top of the hill, there was a group of workers smashing down a concrete wall with sledge hammers outside the Mexican restaurant. They were swinging sledge hammers, shoveling gravel and throwing concrete into a trailer right where we usually run. I could hear Ronald Regans voice as I ran by in the road, "Mr. Rodriquez tear down this wall".
Craig said when he and Tom ran past the first time a guy stepped in front of them and just started swinging a sledge hammer at the wall (before the truck and trailer was there). Funny the things you experience running...
Running back to the Y, I pushed it just a bit to stay under an 8 minute pace and run back a negative split (uphill) from the run out which was an easy warm up run.
When I got back to the Y, I was toast. Saw Jay and told him to stick a fork in me.

Garmin Watch Data

Long workout 10.86 miles 1:41 including Rest between repeats.

Massage tonight and Rest Day Tomorrow.

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