Thursday, February 18, 2010

Middle 3 - 18:40

Ran the middle 3 at lunch today. 18:40 for the 3 mile tempo portion of the run.
I was the only one to run it today. My goal was 18:30.

Jeff went up tempo around the park (.9.5),
Craig M did a middle 4,
Tom did the 7 easy, still recovering from his crash on the ice last week.
Tom has a huge bruise on his back and butt from that fall.
Matt started easy with Tom and then picked up the pace, then ran the last mile hard, just ahead of me.

Cool day, upper 30's and cloudy, a slight headwind coming back

Running back on 16th, there were a ton of people lined up along the road and wrapped around a couple of blocks. There were lined up to see President Obama at the Fillmore on Colfax for a democratic fund raiser.

Garmin Watch Data for Run

7 Miles 50:40

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