Thursday, February 11, 2010

Middle 3 - 18:50

Ran a mediocre 18:50 Middle 3 today. 15 Seconds slower than last week.

I did recover quicker and ran back faster than earlier, also had less traffic stops..
It is what it is. Roads were dry, the path was snowy/icy so we ran on the raod.

I ran the Middle 3 with Chipman, kind fun running with him for a change. He holds the Middle 3 PR of 15:50, he was a bit younger then and faster. He's still fast, but not quite in peak shape yet. I think he held back a bit too.

Craig C did a Middle 3 also, Andre did a Middle 7 at normal pace.

I messed up my Garmin at the Alameda traffic stop coming back, so we went off Dave's time.

7 Miles, 50:50, 18:50 on the Middle 3

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