Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Track on - 6X800

Ran 800 repeats on the Manual High School track at lunch today.

6 800's. Splits were 2:55,257,2:48,2:54,2:53,2:53. My target was 2:55.

The 2:57 was because I took a 2 minute recovery after the first one, I realized I needed 3 minutes.
The 2:48 was with a long recovery and I was chasing Bob and Craig down the track the first lap and ran with Bob the 2nd lap. That one hurt. The rest were all good tempo/pace .

Craig C and Alicia ran to the track with me. Craig did 4X400's. Alicia ran around the track easy, she had done a tough Bike workout in the morning.

Bob joined us at the track. Surprisingly he has not done any track work recently, he doesn't join his running club for track workouts. He ran around the track at an uptempo pace.

Craig M showed up for the end of the workout and did a couple of 800's. I accused him of showing up at the end of my workouts on purpose, but it was good to have someone to finish with. He, Bob and I ran back to the Y at Bob's pace. We might have set a post track workout run back record. I charged the downhill at the end to toughen the quads.

It was a really nice day for track work. Mid 30's with Sunshine. Chilly at first but once at the track it was a nice temperature.

There was one icy/snow spot on the track where it was in the shadow of the scoreboard.

Good luck to Lisa, Bob's wife who entered the hospital for chemo treatments for Leukemia today. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Bob and Lisa.

7.5 Miles 61 Minutes with 3 Miles of Speed work
I have a 55 minute massage scheduled tonight.

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