Friday, February 19, 2010

City Park Golf Course - 7 Miles

I ran the City Park Golf Course route today, 7 Miles about 56 Minutes.

Jay and Matt ran too, Jay did the duck pond, Matt did the 7 with me.
Jay's been in San Diego with 72 degree running weather.

It was cold, 20's, cloudy in Denver with about 2 inches of snow from the night before.
The driving roads were clear but the sidewalks, paths and park roads were hit and miss, some dry spots but a lot of slick or snowy spots.

We ran the road down the North side of the Golf course.
The sidewalks around the Cafes on 17th were OK too.

OK, I'm ready for spring running to come back. Not looking so good this weekend. 20 planned for Sunday with snow in the forecast.

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