Thursday, April 1, 2010

Middle 3 - 18:27

Ran the middle 3 tempo run today at lunch. 18:27 for the Middle 3 portion, my goal was 18:30 so I felt good about it, ran pretty even splits.

Patrick and Scott ran the middle 3 also, Scott was 16:50 and Patrick was 17:30's, I asked Patrick if he had been running and he said no, he was out of shape. Ha! He ran a 2:58 Boston in 2008, he said he really liked the course and the marathon in general, but he's from the area.

Matt ran 2 minute tempo intervals with 3 minute break. Tom and Craig just ran an easy 6. Craig M did a middle 5 with a loop through was park.

Nice run back, a bit up from the normal pace. Cool, cloudy day in the 50's. Perfect for a tempo run.

Garmin Watch Data for Middle 3

Garmin upgraded there web site with some nice features for displaying data.
My favorite new feature is they have an elevation correction, that uses actual elevation data for the lat/long and the elevation recorded on the watch to determine a more accurate elevation.
It makes for a smoother more realistic graph. You can turn it on or off and go back to the watch graph if you want.

You can also see splits and a lot of information on the details screen. There's also a moving pace vs actual pace, I think that accounts for slow downs and starts when you stop the watch.

7 Miles 50:27

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