Sunday, April 18, 2010

Boston the day before

Blogging from Cold and rainy Boston. Supposed to clear up before the race and be good weather for running the race, not so good for the spectators.

Went to the Expo Yesterday, it was huge and very crowded, but very well organized, especially getting your number, shirt, bag and the official Merchandise area. Never saw so many Boston Jackets in my life (duh). Lots of people were wearing them at the expo and around town from previous years and the present. I am too superstitious to wear mine in advance of the race and feel it is something I really need to earn anyway. Also got a hat, singlet, shorts, coffee mug and a water bottle. This really is a mecca for runners to go and experience. The city really gets behind it's marathon also. Everywhere you go, locals ask where your from and what you running it in and give you their own tips or perspective.

Dennis, Brittany, Gina and Zach at the Expo

Zach and I stayed at the expo for a while and checked out a lot of things. He bought a book, The Runners Rule Book and the Author Signed it. Meanwhile the girls went over to the Boston Public Library and checked out the oldest library in the country.

Courtney, Gina and Brittany at the Library Courtyard

The girls Studying

Zach ran yesterday along the St. Charles River path on the Boston Side, about 7 miles. I rested, but wanted to go out with him, so I walked him over the bridge to the river path.
Zach getting ready to Run along the St. Charles in Boston

We went to little Italy for Dinner last night with Courtney, my niece from NYC and Ashley her friend. We had a lot of fun and while looking for a restaurant to seat 6 at 7:00 without reservations, I ran across Mark Brown from Denver. Funny, just a chance meeting, then saw him again on the Subway coming back. He's staying at the Hyatt downtown, we chatted a bit waiting for the crowded subway train to get in. Anyway, back at Little Italy, we ate at a nice little Italian restaurant that got us in pretty quick. Nice area, tons of Italian restaurants, lots of runners carbo loading.

Brittany, Courtney, Ashley and Dennis Headed to Little Italy

Gina and Zach Ready for some Italian Food

Nice Itallian Restaurant, Great Food. Brittany's Expression. Priceless

Zach and I ran 2.5 miles at Boston Commons today, nice easy run. We stopped and looked at a few statues and other things, so much history here. My legs felt good and the temperature was nice for running. We took the subway over and back, to keep the miles down, but it would have been about a mile each way.

We tried to do the trolley tour with all of us (Brittany, Courtney and Ashley went over to Harvard) while we ran. It didn't work out, the trolleys were all busy and we could not find one with 6 seats to stop, so after an hour we got our money back and took the subway over to Boston Commons, walked the freedom trail a bit and then it started pouring so we came back. Just relaxing at the hotel now so I thought I would blog a bit.

Trying to relax and rest my legs for tomorrow. The worst part for me is the night before a marathon and the anxiety and sleeplessness and all the what if's that can go wrong in a marathon. I know some of this is normal and try to just go with it and not worry more.

Garmin Watch Data from 2.5 Mile Boston Commons Run with Zach.

Congratulations to my friend Alicia, who completed her first 1/2 Iron Man Triathlon on Saturday in 5 Hours 57 Minutes and got 3rd in her age group. Great Job Alicia.

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