Sunday, April 11, 2010

CC Park Out and Back

Ran from the old library out to Butterfly Hill in CC Park. Mainly on the trails on the way out and mainly road/bike path on the way back.

Ran with Jill today, first time in a while. We had a good run. She is doing Boston in a week also, she wanted to do some fartleks and hill repeats, so we did some in the park. We ran from the old library out to the trails past the 3rd bridge, then took it easy on the single track till we got over to the main road by the shooting range.

Then we ran about a 400 at a 7:30 pace. Then we got on the trails and headed over to butterfly hill, with a couple of pick ups on the hills. When we got to butterfly hill, we did a couple of hill repeats on each side. On one repeat I picked up the pace going down and then back up, good work for Boston.

On the way back we ran easy and talked about Boston, she ran it last year and had lots of good advice for me for the race and for doing stuff over the weekend. We got on Jordan Road on the way back and ran that road with a gradual climb for a mile or so, then bike path back to the library. I messed up my Garmin on the way back and had it off for about a mile after the last hill repeat.

It was good to run with her again and catch up and talk about running and friends and racing plans for the summer. Thank Jill, see you in Boston, Good Luck!

Garmin Watch Data for Run

8.5 Miles 1:20:35

For my 2nd week of Boston Taper 33.5 Miles

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