Sunday, April 4, 2010

CC Park 10 Mile Tempo Run

Did a 10 Mile Tempo run this Easter Morning. Got up early and ran so I could get back by 10 and we could all go to church (Brittany's home from school). Got off to a slow start, also messed up my Garmin for the first minute or so.

My first two mile splits were way slower than my tempo pace, took me a while to get loosened up. It was cool, 40's with sun and just a little bit of a head wind going out on the out and back route. My last 8 splits were faster, but still slower than I expected. I thought 7:30's comfortably, but ran closer to 7:45 with only 2 splits around 7:30.

I felt better at the turn around for about 3 miles then slowed down a bit at the end on the hill. Not sure why I was sluggish and sore and did not nail this workout like I thought I would.

Garmin Watch Data for Route

10 Miles 1:18:06

After we met Gina's sister and my sister's families at church, Courtney is visiting from NYC. Then we went to the Harris's for A late lunch on a beautiful spring day. They lit a fire in the back yard and burned a lot of stuff including their 20 ft Pine Christmas tree. A fun day, I might have inhaled too much smoke, some of it toxic, though and perhaps a bit too much wine. 2 Weeks to detox before Boston.

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