Tuesday, April 13, 2010

MHS Track 4X400 Intervals

Ran 4 400's on the MHS Track today.

Goal was 80-85 range, Ran 1 too fast which was my biggetst worry 81,78,82,81.

Most marathon plans have you running a short track workout the week before the race, to remind your legs and lungs what it's like to run fast, but not over do it or build up too much lactic acid or soreness.

Sunny with temps in the 60's but very windy. 20-40 MPH gusts.

Good group at the track. Chris,Matt,Craig C, Tom, Tim and myself. Tim's first time to the track.
Everyone did 400's except Chris who did 40 second 200's as many as he could and stay on pace.

Alicia dropped by on an easy run and we chatted a bit. She has a 1/2 Iron Man this Saturday. Her first 1/2 Iron. Good Luck Alicia

5.5 Miles 44 Minutes with 1 mile of speed work.

I have an 80 minute massage tonight, should be so relaxing...

On the downer side...
A couple of guys were at the track with blueprints walking around. Craig talked to them. Turns out they are closing the Manual Track this summer and re-doing it and when it opens again it will probably not be open to the public. That would be the second time that has happened to us and pretty much rule out track workouts on an actual track for our group.

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