Monday, April 26, 2010

Congress Park 5 Miles

Ran with the group today. First group run since before Boston. Felt good. Nice day, sunny around 50 degrees.

Had a good group today. Fun run talking about the Sneak. The group did well in the age-group standings.

Most of the group did Congress (Andre and Bob did Wash Park).
Matt was pushing the pace and about half way through the run took off from us.
So that left Pete, Craig C, Tom and Craig M to finish the route.

My legs felt good overall, I picked up the pace some at points. Once to catch Bob and Matt and again to catch Matt and Craig M and then at the end the last half mile with Pete. My quads are a still a bit sore, kind of a dull ache and I can feel that left hammy just a bit, other than that everything is great including my left heel.

Need to be cautious though, bad things can happen after a marathon if you don't rest and recover. Work is probably going to take me out from running the next couple of days which is good.

5.1 Miles 40:26

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