Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Boston Marathon - 3:28:53

Ran the Boston Marathon in 3:28:53.

Quick recap of the race, and I will do a follow up post with the details and pictures. I know the text alert messages did not work thanks to AT&T so I wanted to let everyone know I finished in 3:28:53. My goal was 3:30 so I got that and qualified for Boston 2011 at Boston.

Weather was great, race was fantastic. Boston is a blast. The best runners in the world, so many everywhere you go on "marathon weekend". The city really goes all out and supports the marathon, non runners, everyone. Plenty of well wishes before the race and congratulations after.

I started off on pace. It was a great day for running. Blue skies at the start, temperatures in the 40's. Clouded over when it got hot. Light wind at our back most of the way. I started off on pace through about the half and then the infamous hills got me. By the time I got to the top of heartbreak, my legs were dead and I had nothing left for the last 6.2 miles.

Garmin Watch Data for the Race

Boston Marathon 2010 Results

A happy Finisher with Family at Boston Commons
Brittany, Gina, Dennis and Zach

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  1. Nice job pushing though a very hard course (at least most think so), you hung on and persevered! I got the million emails from the group, everyone is so proud of you, I know it's not the 3:15-3:20 you originally thought but that's an excellent time on that course, hope you're proud! Hope you got my email back on Monday night. And hope you're enjoying your rest and recovery, you so deserved it!! Congrats!