Thursday, April 8, 2010

Middle 3

Ran my last tempo run/ middle 3 before Boston today. 18:29

Nice day, 60 degrees, sun and no wind.

We had a good group today. Jeff, Chris, Craig M, Craig C, Alicia, Tom, Jay and myself. We saw Matt coming back as we were going out and Chipman going out as we were coming back.

Craig M did a Middle 5, Alicia and Craig C did an easy 6 to get back and watch the middle 3 finish.

I felt good the whole way, I did not get any traffic stops going out, ran 9:28 out and 9:01 back with a 5:57 last mile with a break at Speer, so that was a positive.

Chris was on my heels the whole way, caught up to me at a couple of short traffic stops (Alameda and Speer coming back). He finished around 19. Amazing considering how much cross training and little running he does.

Jeff did his first middle 3 in forever and ran around 19:50, he's only run 3 times since Moab so he did good.

Tom and Jay had a close finish and won the team event with their matching uniforms (black shorts, no shirt, yellow hat). Jay had a strong kick gaining on Tom, but Tom held him off. About 21 for those two.

Fun run, good competition on a great day, this is what running is all about.

Garmin Watch Data for Middle 3

After the run, I was sneezing a lot, spring allergies are here.

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