Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cheesman 4 Miles Easy

Ran the 4 Miles to Cheesman Park, actually to the Middle 3 Start. Chatted with the guys before they ran the middle 3 then ran back. Jeff, Scott, Craig and Tom did the Middle 3. A beardless Craig M did the middle 5 thing he does. Dan ran out to the park with us, 3 days in a row for him. He was transporting tons of Ben-Gay with him on his calfs. It's Tax Day and there was a Tea Party going on at the Capitol, so he was fired up about that.

A nice easy run. I feel good, getting lots of energy and the legs are feeling fresher. I had a nice massage on Tuesday and went to Yoga yesterday, stretch and talked with Gerry, a former runner now biker who has done Boston several times and went out there a lot to visit his kids in college. He had some good tips and stories. He also sent me this link with a view of Boston from the Spectator's view.

Fun talking to Craig, Scott and Jeff about Boston. They have all done it. They mainly talked about the bathrooms and the crowds. Craig said I should go for it and set out at a 6:30 pace. I told him if I did that I'd be sitting in Newton saying.... "OK I'm done".

I plan to take my laptop and might do a few blogs, but looks like a busy weekend. I'm getting excited, but the nerves and what if's are starting to pop in and out of my head.

4 Miles 31:58

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