Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Went to the Y at 12 for the 12:30 Yoga class, and some cardio before on the new equptment. They were still working on the new machine setup so the upstairs was closed no cario or weights. So George, Paul and I stretched out a bit in the open lobby area upstairs. Wasn't much else to do there, a lot of people left.

Anyway, the 12:30 Yoga class had a substitute. I think her name was Princess, but not sure, could not get a straight answer from anyone after the class, some thought her name was Princess. The class was much more relaxing and less athletic and technical than Susan's class. As one guy put it less torturous than Susan, but he liked the torture. I was ready for an easy day. So it was perfect.

Knee seems to be getting better, finally.
Sun was out today, warming up some, but still cold (6 degrees yikes).
Should be able to run at lunch tomorrow and I'm ready for a nice run outside.

1 hour of yoga.

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