Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wash Park 7

Yeah, I ran outside, it was nice (relatively speaking). 32 or so but the sun felt so good, felt good to be outside running again (aside from Sunday).

Jeff, Craig, Jay and I did the Wash park 7 route. Matt ran with us to the end of Chessman, he was doing 4 today easy with the Tucson Marathon for Sunday. Scott started with us but went to City Park for an up tempo run. None of us wanted any part of that, so off to Wash park we went.

It was slick in spots on the side roads mainly, a few bad spots on the sidewalks but runnable. The traction did slow us down some. Was nice to have a group run with some of the regulars. I wore gloves, tights a short sleeve and long sleeve wicking shirt, was perfect for those conditions.

7 Miles 56 Minutes give or take(messed up my Garmin)

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