Tuesday, December 29, 2009

CC Path - 6 Miles

Ran the Cherry Creek Path bike route, 6 miles today.

Matt, Craig C and Alicia ran with me.

The footing was worse today, it was about the same temperature but no sun.
The roads between Cheesman and the Bike Path were really bad, we ran on the sidewalk mainly. Sketchy running in spots. The Bike Path was mostly clear except for the shadows around the bridges and trees.

Matt and Craig got ahead of us a bit and then took the short way back around 11th. We caught up to them but decided to go the 6. Good pace given the conditions.

I ran my 1600th mile at 8th and Franklin today. I'm a ways off my goal of 2000 miles with 2 days left. :)

Rest day tomorrow, yoga and maybe some weights.

6 Miles 47:43.

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