Monday, December 14, 2009

Wash Park 7

Ran the Wash Park 7 mile run with the group at lunch today. It was a nice day and a good run. 50's with Sun and no wind, short sleeves.

Tom, Craig C, Jeff and I ran to Wash Park and back 7 Miles. Pete and Dave did Cheesman. Dave's in great shape for Bridge playing these days. He got 18th in the national tournament. Craig had all kinds of problems today, nose bleed (grabbed some snow and then some leaves) and calf cramping. We had to wait for him a couple of times. I told him he was falling apart, he told me "You're one to talk". Ha he's right, but that's all behind me now right?

I wore my Moab shirt and hat, I got into the Moab via Lottery yesterday. 9 of us from the group are signed up for 2010 (Sharon, Alicia, Tom, Craig, Bob B, Jeff, Steve C, Scott and myself).

We discussed Moab and who was in, some of the guys had to buy their way in with the $100 charity entries.

Also talked about this weekends Marathon's. Tucson. Jill ran a 3:46:00 taking 19 seconds off her PR. Way to go Jill!Matt had a tough day and had a DNF at mile 19 due to cramping and other issues. Gina's boss Erin did 3:50 at Dallas White
Rock, her first Marathon. Way to go Erin!

I skipped my long run yesterday. Too windy and no motivation. Plus I tweaked my knee again scraping the ice on Saturday and it hurt the next day, so I took the day off. Only so many more "easy weekends" left in 2009. The knee was good today, so I think it was a wise choice. Only got in 4 days last week though.

7 Miles 55 Minutes.

Garmin Watch Data for Run

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