Sunday, December 6, 2009

CC Park Blizzard Run - 5 Miles

Ran an out and back at Cherry Creek Park today. It was cold 17 degrees. About an inch of fresh snow when I started about 9:45, but snowing pretty good. The wind was out of the North West.

I bought some Yak Trax on Friday Night and wanted to test them out, this was good weather for that.

I started at the old Library toward CC Park. The first half mile was OK, protected, then when you get to the open park, the wind/snow was brutal. Wind Chill was probably around 0.

I wore tights, wool gloves, 2 long sleeve wicking shirts and an outer shell. A running cap and some ear muffs. I needed some protection for my face, it got really cold and froze to my facial hair. I need to find something I can run with that keeps my face warm but allows me to breathe.
I ran an out and back, so coming back was better, no wind in the face, felt good.

The Yax Trax did really well, I was impressed. I wore them over my trail shoes. They were easy to put on and adjust (got mediums for my size 10 1/2). This was a good run to test them out in addition to the fresh snow, there were parts that had ice and I also ran on some trail. They performed well in all. Some parts of the snow were deeper 4 inches or so and the yaktrax handled that with no problem. I could run an 8 minute mile on the powder without slipping or losing traction. I didn't have any long stretches of ice, that would have been a good test too. I ran on the bike path, then jumped to a double track trail, that turned into a single track trail. Uphill and downhill, YakTrax did great.

The only part I didn't like them was when the snow was thin or under bridges running on concrete without any snow. It felt strange and I imagine it would were them out if you ran very far like that. Running Back looking at my tracks, the YakTrax in the snow look really cool, with the 3 x's in the show print.

So overall big thumbs up for Yak Trax, hopefully it will allow me to train through the winter on days like this for Boston without having to hit the hamster wheel (aka Treadmill).

Slow Pace but 5 miles of snow running, low impact. Knee felt better, probably not the best thing to run on it with.

Garmin Data for Run

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