Thursday, December 3, 2009

Rest Day with Yoga

Cold and Snow here in Denver, not a lot of snow, but enough to mess up traffic and running footing. It's my rest day anyway, the knee thing keeps hanging around and I need to give it a rest.

Massage last night was great. I had a lot of sore running muscles despite my easy running schedule and minimal speed work. Tara worked on the knee a bit, the muscles around it and the ligaments. That felt good. Knee felt better

I went to Yoga at lunch. Good class, but the room was blazing hot, dry heat so really dehydrates you quick. Knee felt better after that too. I think siting at my desk is the worse thing for it, but that's what I have to do to make a living so...

Zach is staying on his half marathon schedule and went to the track after school and did 7 X 400's in 20 degree weather. Nice Job Zach!

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