Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Runner's Christmas

We had a white Christmas in Denver this year. It snowed the 23rd, 24th and 25th. Got about 8 inches at the house. I decided to take 4 days off running in a row to recharge and rest up and enjoy the holidays. One final rest before I start a 15 week Boston Training plan.

My family knows what makes me happy and that's running. Well one of the things that helps to make me happy. So for Christmas I got lot's of running stuff, here's a list.

  • Aasics Running Tights with zippered pockets.

  • St. George Marathon framed finish photos 2 one running, one with medal.

  • 3 Running books, Running with the Buffaloes, Chi Running and Into Thin Air (not a running book but endurance and inspirational).
  • Red Feather Racing Snow Shoes R700, black.

Thanks family for a great christmas.

Here are the St. George Pics that I got framed as a present.

Below is a video of me testing out the snowshoes on Christmas day in our back yard wearing my new Aasics tights also.


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  1. I think it's 26 laps to the mile, but you'd better Garmin that to be certain! Yes, you ARE spoiled but as long as it made ya' happy, as you say then I'll just say: SCORE!! That pic in St. George is great; though you are the only one I know that actually gets their picture taken at the finish line photo booth :). Still, it's very nice. Gina did a great job!
    A very happy holiday to you and your family and may 2010 bring lots of miles your way - injury-free!!