Saturday, December 19, 2009

Rudolph's Revenge 10K

Zach and I ran the Rudolph's Revenge 10K Race today at Chattfield. At 10 am.

I set a goal for us of 43 minutes, which is a 7 minute mile pace. Aggressive, but something to shoot for. Zach said he'd try to hang with me at that pace. This is only his 2nd 10k, running cross country 5k's, it's a different race where discipline and pace is important as well as stamina.

We got there early about 9:00 which is good because the parking lot fills up and you have to park a half mile away if you don't. It was cold but sunny and getting warmer. We registered, picked up our bibs and timing chips and sat in the car near the start. About 7 minutes before race we got out and jogged over to the start, it was 32 degrees. We had shorts LS shirts and gloves. The start was kinda strange, a bunch of people started running and we followed. Some guy apparently just said go. No loud speaker, horn or gun. Just go.

It was crowded at the start as Zach and I jockeyed around to find holes and get up to a 7 minute pace. They mix the 5k and 10k runners at the start and split them off at 1.6 miles. Running on the road, about a 1/2 mile before we got in a good pace. 6:50 side by side on a beautiful day, me and my sun racing. It was fun, near perfection!

Mile 1 was 7:06 due to the slow start, but a good mile.
Mile 2 goes down hill, the 5k runners split off half way and it curves around to the bridge. Zach was feeling it a bit. I dropped back a couple of times to keep him on pace, not push him too hard but enough. 7:13 we dropped off pace a bit.
Mile 3 goes uphill for a ways and we were running into the wind about 15 mph. I told Zach to charge the hill and he did, ahead of me. You turn into the bike path and a water stop on the turn. We both blew past it. We saw the first 10k runner heading back down. It was and out and back on this section. A couple of rolling hills and then a steep hill to the turn around. We were together but he was fading a bit. Just before the turn around is a steep uphill on the bike path and the 3 mile marker. 7:09 that mile.
Mile 4 Zach faded a bit on this one coming back. I dropped back a couple of times to get him on pace. But didn't want to push him too much, just encourage. As we passed the throngs heading up the hills on the out and back. I decided to let him run his race from here and I focused on finishing strong under a 7 minute mile pace. I looked back a couple of times and he was about a minute back but looking good. 7:20 our slowest mile.

Mile 5. I picked up the pace and started picking runners off. There were some good runners ahead, some were putting distance on me, but I was picking several off. Cross the bridge a lady was in front of me. On the path part of the bridge it was very icy with only a narrow edge for running. Snow packed with foot prints. She slipped and caught herself as did I. I passed her shortly after we said hi, good race. She reminded me of the lady I met at St. George from Evergreen. Said hi again after the race, I almost asked her if she did St. George but didn't. Mile 5 6:56.

Mile 6 Nice downhill stretch, with some uphills, can see the finish parking lot and started passing the end of the 5k runners/walkers. Narrow path, but it felt like I was flying going past them. I picked off a few runners, one guy I really wanted to catch was holding off from me, never did catch him. Wondered how far back Zach was, but didn't turn around to look. 6:46

Finish Little hill before the finish, but lots of spectators. Finished Strong, probably should have kicked harder, but no injury for me today.
44:12. About a minute over my goal, but I felt good and ran the race comfortably the whole way.

Looked for Zach at the finish and started jogging back up the hill off the path. Saw a young guy running hard but it wasn't Zach, then right behind him there was Zach running hard. I looked at the clock and told him he could beat 45:30 and he did 45:25. 3 Minutes off his Boulder Bolder PR.

After the race we grabbed some water, I told him I didn't see many runners 19 or under ahead of him on the out and back so he might have a chance for placing in his age group.

We went back to the car and got our sweats and then checked the 10k results and he placed 2nd in his age group. 1st place guy was the kid I saw just ahead of him, Zach said he had just passed him, that kid was 18. I finished 5th in my age group about 10 runners ahead of Zach overall.

We stayed and he got his award and a couple of pictures. What a great day. So much fun. Way to go Zach!

Zach and me Post Race

Zach getting his 2nd Place award for his age group 19 and under.
It was a coffee cup.

Garmin Watch Data for Race

Race Results

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  1. Awesome race for Zach!! He's climbing up the ladder quickly - he's going to have a great track season!!!! Nice job for you, too :)