Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Eve - Toast Run

Today was our traditional New Years Eve Toast Run. We meet at the Y and do our usual Duck Pond run, only instead of walking the pond we run to the picnic area at the end of the park and Dave Caprera has a new years eve lunch and champagne toast ready for us. This is a tradition that goes back about 10 years, used to be just a toast, but a few years ago Dave started cooking lunch, usually something with a Gourmet Flair. We invite all the runners and Friends in and out of the group, previous runners, everyone is welcome.

Only 8 of us ran from the Y, in fact more people drove that ran from the Y this year. In the past we had as many as 20 runners from the Y to the Park. This year we had 17 total at the park, an off year.

It was a nice day, 40's and sun, better than predicted. Jill joined us from the Y along with the regulars, Andre, Craig C, Craig M, Tom and myself. Jill brought her camera and got this picture of us running up (east) on 16th.

Notice how Craig is boxing me out with his elbows? Does that all the time, now I have proof. :) Thanks for bringing the camera and the pictures Jill.

We did the usual run to the park, Jay met us part way, Scott had gone earlier. We met up with the group, some had run a bit in the park, some were in street clothes. When we got there Dave had beef bourguignon and Champagne waiting. 19 total. Pete C brought his wife and daughter.

Here's a picture of Dave making his annual Toast and Speech as we look on, his daughter Lisa made the Beef bourguignon, you can see it on the grill there. Thanks to her, it was delicious Compliments to the Chef!

So after the toast, we ate and drank a glass of Champagne and took this group picture.

After that, the group headed back to the Y, well part of them took off without telling the rest.
We ran back easy, it was such a nice day. A little slick running in spots.

Thanks to Dave for doing this again and for everyone that showed up. It's great to have such good running friends and comrades.

5 Miles 45 Minutes, lots of fun.

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