Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Treadmill Intervals at the Y - 6.5

I haven't run on a treadmill at all in 2009 until today. It was 3 degrees, icy, snow, slushy and I didn't have enough layers to keep me warm. So I ran on the treadmill today. The Y had plenty to spare. In fact they are replacing all the cardio equipment this afternoon. I though maybe I'd try to wear one out since they were replacing it anyway.

As I walked to the Y I debated with myself weather to run outside, skip my run today or do a quality treadmill workout. With the cold and the knee and a rest day yesterday, treadmill was the winner. It wasn't like I had a goal NOT to run on a treadmill in 2009, it just happened that way and a streak is a streak. I really don't like running on the treadmill, so boring I find myself counting the seconds and hundredths of miles going by. Intervals or tempo work make it more bearable, as does someone to talk to or a game to watch. I don't like to go as fast on the treadmill as the track though. I don't like going over 10 MPH for very long. Doesn't feel safe. Plus I make a lot of noise and it really pounds the gym when I get cranking.

I grabbed a treadmill next to Doug and we chatted a bit, he runs a lot but short and rarely with our group. Then Matt got the one next to me, he was doing 4X400 intervals as part of his Tucson Marathon taper. I did 5 X 800 @ 3:20 with a 800 recovery at an 8:00 pace. I decided to do a 400 at the end just because.

5X800 @ 3:20, 1X400 @ 90
6.5 Miles 49:30,

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  1. Form your experiences, I can see the boredom of running on treadmill. Take to people around you could be good way to get ride of boredom.