Friday, October 23, 2009

Mud Run with the Dogs

Worked at home today, since I got home so late. Still some snow in the shady areas in my part of town. Temps back up in the 50's and sun though.

Took the dogs (Lucy and Levi) down to the old Library and took them for a run through CC Park and the Dog Run area. They love it. Lucy just flies everywhere back and forth. At one point she flushed some pheasants from a brush. I'm not a hunter but if I was we'd be have pheasant for dinner because it was an easy shot for me from where she flushed them.

Levi trotted along. Not very crowded on a Friday at 1. Lucy jumped in the first mud puddle and layed down. I wore my trail shoes cause I knew it would be muddy from the snow melt and it was. Kinda fun though running through the trails and mud, flat. Dogs by my side. Great view of the Rockies. Running past the creek, the dogs went in and washed off all the mud and swam some. Easy run for me, easy pace and stopped to let the dogs stop play a lot. Only negative was Lucy got about 6 big burs in her hair and Gina and I had to cut them off of her when I got back.

Garmin data for mud run

4.5 Miles, 42 Minutes

4.5 Miles

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