Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Morning Dog Run

Ran with the dogs this morning. Lucy and Levi. Been a while since I ran with the dogs. They needed it, they've been going stir crazy in the house for a few days, everyone being busy and the bad weather.

Original plan was to drive down to the Old library and let them run free at the dog park with me for a few miles. I could not find my keys, thought Gina had them at work, but found them later in the bed??? I could not find the extra key or get ahold of Gina so I just ran from the house. Didn't want to go over 5 miles, so we stayed in the Piney Creek neighborhood. We ran over by the high school and on the practice fields then down by the club house and back home. Easy pace the whole way, I let them stop a few times and be dogs and do what dogs do.

It was in the 30's, but warming up and the sun came out just as we were finishing.

My left outer knee was kinda hurting. Felt like I tweaked it, but I haven't done anything to tweak it, so it must be a running hangover from the Marathon last week.

Oh, and the dogs were tired and mellow the rest of the day after the run.

5 Miles 43 Minutes

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