Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Post Marathon - Recovery Recap

As much as I hate to bump down the St. George Marathon Post. I'm behind in my blog and here's what I have done since the Marathon, recovery wise...

1) Not RUN!
2) Rest...
3) Celebrate...
4) Talk to other runners and friends about the race...
5) Cross Train at the Y, row, bike.
6) Massage
7) Yoga
8) Stretching

Here's a link to my St. George Marathon Photos.

And here's a recap...

Drove to Las Vegas early, could not sleep after Marathon. Tried to get an early flight back to Denver, but no go with Frontier. So sat at the Airport, drank a few beers and answered texts and phone calls from people about the Marathon.

Slept well, woke up sore but happy. Laid in bed and thought about the journey to get to Boston over the years and how now it was a reality. Went to the Denver Dallas Game with the family and met some friends from Albuquerque the Armillos. We dressed in our cowboy gear (Gina, Zach - Whitten, Brittany - Barber and me - Romo) and had great seats, lower level, not many stairs to go up and down (thank god). However the cowboys lost and we were taunted as we left. I still had a smile on my face though.

Back to work, although I could have taken the day off. I felt good, more sore than Sunday, but rested so I went to work, not wanting to get behind and save a vacation day for something more fun. Went to the Y at lunch and saw all the runners, got lots of congratulations from them and other Y people. A lot of them know the heartache I felt last year and Denver and the struggles I've had this year with injuries and disappointing races and how I wanted to qualify for Boston. Thanks Guys and Girls! Did a lot of stretching and hopped on the bike for a bit to loosen things up.

Went to the Y and Stretched, did some weights and also rowed and biked. Felt a lot better, only a few tight/sore spots. After work I met Greg from Oklahoma for a quick beer and then went to Tara for a massage. It was good to tell Tara some good news for a change. She took my last couple of race injuries (Moab and Mt. Evans) kinda hard. The massage was really good and she worked my calfs and quads. Definately recommend a post race massage a couple of days after the soreness to help push the toxins out.

Went to the Y, talked to Jay some about his first Marathon, Chicago on Sunday. Did some abs and stretching and talked to Jeff about his umpteenth marathon, also Chicago. Then went to Sharon's Yoga class. Great class, very challenging, stretched things out and got the blood flowing. Need to hydrate more I think to flush the rest of the Marathon toxins out, soreness is almost gone. I felt like I could have run easy today if I wanted to, especially because the weather is so nice today and supposed to turn nasty.

I am targeting Friday for my first post Marathon run. An easy 5 mile duck pond, that will be 6 days after the Marathon.

Jeff told me I should take a week off and 1 day off for every mile in a race before you go hard again. That's 26 days, I don't think I can wait that long.

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  1. Maureen Roben and Tanya Poole, both Olympic Marathon trial runners (Maureen 4 times) said a mandatory 2-weeks off; your body may seem like it's ready to run but that's just your head talking and you are more prone to injuries. Maybe take a look back on your injuries and see if you jumped in too soon. I don't know, that's what they told me and they've run about a thousand marathons between them...and made it to the Olympic trials. I hope to do a very short run on Sunday...but will see. Congrats again! Start saving now for Boston...and book a hotel now as they sell out FAST (at least those within walking distance of all the marathon hype - which is pretty significant and you don't wanna rent a car!!). Very excited for you!