Monday, October 26, 2009

Wash Park 7

Ran the 7 Miles with the Group at Lunch. Started with the group but it was just Tom, Jeff and I for the 7. The other half went to congress.

Weather was better today, in the 40's with Sun when we started, on the way up to 50. Long sleeve shirt with gloves and shorts to start, took the gloves off after a mile.

Nice pace. Saw Dave C, first run with him since St. George so I got to tell him my marathon story, with a happy ending for a change. Also Mary T at the Y, turns out she's ran Boston 2 years ago, she's a trainer and in great shape, but never would have guessed her as a marathon runner, much less someone who has done Boston.

Funny thing happened on the way back on 16th a few blocks away from the Y. This guy comes running from the side, older guy, in a broncos jacket. He runs across the street in front of us as we are coming down the bike lane. At first I thought he was just crossing the street before we got there, but his timing was off and he appeared to be drunk. He stopped right in front of Jeff and turned his back to him, like he wanted Jeff to plow into him. My response was "Wow Really" as we ran past. I told Jeff he should have taken the guy out, he said he thought about it.

Congratulations to Zach who ran the Marine Corps Memorial 5k with his aunt Lisa yesterday in Jeffco. Zach finished 5th overall and 3rd in his age group on a hilly course a couple of minutes off his PR of 19:04. He didn't win anything for his placement, but did win the nice Leather flag jacket (size large) in a raffle after the race.

Zach with his Jacket Prize in the Jeffco County Courthouse after the race.

Zach's Race Results

7 Miles 54 Minutes
Garmin Watch Data for Run

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