Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blogging from Dulles

Catching up my running blog from Dulles Airport. 9:10 on a Thursday night.
Busy week in Germantown, Maryland for work so not a lot of time to blog so here I am on my way back to Denver, at the Dulles airport, sitting at Gordon Biersch a microbrew in the D concourse with an hour to kill so I can catch up my blog....

The weather was really nice here the whole time, in the 70's.

No Run on Monday Traveled most of the day, got to the hotel and drove around a bit, found a cool park, black hill regional park. Picked up a trail map, looked like a great place to run if I could get away sometime this week when it was daylight. About 5 miles from the hotel.

Tuesday, I was going to run in the morning, but by the time the sun rose, I had to leave for work. I worked all day and had a meeting after my training class (which I was teaching), so my brain was fried. I got back to the hotel around 6 as the sun was setting and decided to squeeze in a 3 mile run around the Montgomery County Community college campus which is right next to the hotel. Felt like running farther, but the sun was setting and this was the best I could do. It was tough to get 3 miles in on the small campus, but I did a couple of laps.
There were a bunch of deer on the campus and the surrounding foreest, kinda cool. They had while furry tails and bigger than the Cherry Creek park deer I always see. You could see them in the meadows and woods all around. I took it easy running. There was this one 6 point buck deer that stood it's ground as a I ran by. He watched me real close. I thought for a second he might charge.

Garmin Data for Mont County Community College Hotel Run

Wednesday. Worked all day, but no meeting after. so I went back to hotel, changed and drove over to the Black Hill Regional Park. Got there about 5 and hit the trails. Great trails, thick lush forrest. Leaves are just starting to turn. Wide trails with some narrow roctky areas, but much easier than Denver. The altitude there was about 500 feet. It did have some rolling hills. I would really recommend this run for anyone who is running in the area. Great paths, really thick forrest. I took my sunglasses but never used them.

Garmin Data for Black Hill Trail Run

OK, my flight is boarding so I gotta go, back to Denver....

Flight was delayed an hour after I got on the plane. Sitting here blogging on the plane now. I didn't get to fisnish my

So the Black hill trail run was neat. It started getting sunset, so the woods were getting dark, but it was such a nice trail and I was in one of those running zones, where you can just run forever at a good pace and every step feels like you are in synch with the trail and can anticipate every rock. Ran up the hills like they were nothing and flew down the hills. Several bridge crossings, a lake, some road, creek. Sunset. It was just a nice run, no marathon soreness, stiffness. I only did about 9 miles. Messed up my garmin at the end so not sure total distance. but about an hour 15 or so.

Planes fixed about to take off now, get home at 1 am.

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