Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bergen Peak Run

Ran Bergen Peak today from Andre's house up to the top of the peak and back down.

There were 5 of us. Andre, Jay, Mark Brown, Bob Basse and myself. We left about 7:15 from Andre's and it took about 1:10-1:15 to get to the peak. I could not push off my right hip very well on the uphill, painful and no push. So I slowed down even more than usual going up.

The route reminds me of the area on Pikes Peak between the W's and Barr Cabin. Some flats, some switchbacks. View from the top was great, could see Mt. Evans and Pikes Peak and a lot of the evergreen area at 9700 feet.

I did better coming down (Surprise) my hip only hurt slightly. I had a couple of stumbles but no ankle pops or anything, which is good. One good thing about the hip is I hardly notice my calfs and maybe they are getting a rest.A

fterwords Andre's wife had a nice brunch ready for us with bagels, fruit, juice, yogurt, sausage-potato-cheese casserole. coffee. He has 4 decks on his house with great views of the mountains including Bergen peak. I told him he definately wins the prize for best post-run refreshments this year.

The 5 of us ate on the deck and then sat around and talked about running and stuff for about an hour and a half, till about 11, then headed home.

I messed up my Garmin on a section of the course where Andre told a story about a creek and his friends dog getting a disease that is common from Racoons. Racoon Creek. So it looks like I jumped off the mountain.

11 Miles total

Garmin Watch Data for Run (With accidental stop).

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