Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Easy 4 at CC Park

I went to the Y at lunch and did some stretching and abs and weights.
Then had a 6:00 massage with Tara. Discussed the hip pain and what might be causing it and how to fix it. She thinks it's hip flexor and worked on it and gave me some stretches to do.
I talked to some other runners that have had problems and think it is more of a gluteus medius problem. God forbid I go to a doctor and get a real diagnosis.

After my massage I met Jill at the old library which is in the same parking lot as Elements Massage at Piney Creek and we did an easy 4 mile run through Cherry Creek Park with a couple of walk breaks in there. We hadn't run together in a while and caught up a bit, it was nice. It had cooled off and there was a nice sunset forming to the west and a storm brewing in the East. We both wanted an easy run, she did intervals in the morning and I didn't want to run hard after the massage (you are not supposed to run at all, hydrate and rest is what they recommend).

Jill is running well now, she did a 61 mile week and and a 6:31 timed mile last week.

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