Monday, July 20, 2009

Cross Train at the Y

Really sore today from yesterday's run. Jumping up to 18 was a big bite and I feel it, but I need it to get my long runs a decent distance for the October marathon 11 weeks away.

I went to the Y and strecthed, did some weights, rowed and biked. Felt good to cross train some and not pound out a run.

My hip / butt is sore and swollen I could feel it last night and today, but couldn't really see the area since it's my back side. As I was changing at the Y a guy asked me if I got in a bike wreck like Jeff and I said "No why" and he said cause there's a big bruise on your butt. I went to the mirror and it is bruised in a couple of spots with 1 big bruise where it is swollen and felt the pain yesterday.

That means I tore something yesterday and it will take longer to heal. There is a smaller bruise closer to my back, which might mean multiple tears. I ran 14 miles after I felt the main tear, so that's probably why it's so bruised and swollen.

Yikes. I cannot catch a break. Do I have some sort of muscle tearing degenerative disease? Something in my diet?

My calfs were sore today too, but just running sore, not tearing sore.

It was tough to sleep on that hip last night, like laying on a golf ball on one side.

I will ice it and stretch more tonight and hope for the best. Might need some more rest days to let it heal. No time for injuries.

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