Monday, July 20, 2009

Long Run - 18

Ran 18 at the High Line Canal today. Started from the parking lot at Orchard next to the trail.

Split the run into 3 sections.
6 With me.
10 With Alicia and Chuck (Chuck ran about 7 of the 10)
2 Just me

I started out about 7:15, a little late for a July long run, but the trail is shaded. I started off OK, my back was a bit sore from putting together a yard swing the night before. I started off at about an 8:15 pace, a little too fast for a long run. About 3 miles in I started feeling it in my hip. I was at the turn around point anyway (to meet Chuck and Alicia at 8:30), so I stretched some and ran back. I started having some real pain in the hip, shooting across my butt into my low back and down my leg. Felt like my leg was getting numb. I stopped to stretch and I thought it was game over. 4 Miles into an 18 mile run and I could not run.
I stopped and stretched and walked a bit and it felt better. I ran slower and made it to 5 miles before I had to stretch/walk again. I thought I would meet Alicia and Chuck, show them the trail and just leave, it was so bad.

As I ran back I remembered I had ice packs in my car, so when I got back to the car at 6, I put on some traumeel and an ice pack on my hip and tightened it with my water belt, it felt so good, immediately relaxed the muscles. I re-fueled (gatorade, gu and top off the water bottle) and then I was going to run 1 mile South, come back and meet them (with ice on hip). As I was leaving I saw them pull in the parking lot, so I waited and let it ice some more, about a 10 minute stop.

I told Alicia and Chuck I was having hip problems so I might have to stop and stretch and catch up or meet them on the way back if it got bad. I took the ice pack off and headed out for the 10 (North again).

We started at a slow pace and it felt so much better. The ice must have relaxed it. I ran most of the 10 pain free, started feeling it again about 8 miles, stopped at 9 to stretch, more preventitive than anything else. Chuck turned around after 30 minutes. We were doing about an 8:35 pace and they both said it was good. (Later they thanked me for setting such a good pace).
We ran to just past Quincy at the 5 mile mark, and took a Gu/Water/Stretch break. Alicia showed me some of the stretches she did/does for the hip problems she's had. She has the same problem and says it's common. Painful but can be overcome.

When we got back to the car, I slapped an ice pack on my hip, I re-fueled, took off my shirt, got in the sprinklers to cool off and finished another gatorade. I had 2 more miles to do. Said goodbye to Alicia and Chuck and took off. It hurt from the start. I slowed my pace to about a 9 min mile and took it easy. It loosened up some. I went out a mile and then back to give me 18 for the day. Heading south on the trail is not nearly as nice and rural as the north part. It winds through some neighborhoods like Willow Creek, neighborhood parks, close to houses and becomes bike path for some of it.

18 Miles 2:35:06

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