Saturday, July 18, 2009

CC Park Dog Run

Ran from the Old Library to the Cherry Creek Park dog run with my two dogs Lucy and Levi today. Ended up running 5 1/2 miles and probably walked a couple more. The dogs loved it, lots of other dogs and people and water and grasshoppers and birds to chase.

I ran easy and stopped to let the dogs play, some walking breaks. After a couple of miles Levi started limping and running slower. I checked his paws for a sticker but there was none. Checked later and realized his paw pad had a tear, he's a tough dog, never yelped or anything and kept going but slowed down. The other dog Lucy had a ball and is a great running dog. Statying with me all the time, most of the time right next to me, never get's tired. Sometimes she runs through the brush and leaps like a kangaroo, saw her point at a few birds.

It wasn't as hot today, good thing because we left at 10. When Levi was going slow, I started running backwards to let him catch up, that felt good on my calfs. My hip and calfs were good, hope they hold out for tomoroow's long run on high line canal.

5 1/2 miles

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