Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cherry Creek Bike Path - 6

Nice cool day in Denver, 70, cloudy, but humid.
4 of us ran from the Y. Scott, Pete C, Tom and myself.
Since it was cool we decided to do the Bike Path since it usually gets hot on the path in the summer and it's been a while since we ran it. Plus 6 miles seemed about right.

I wanted an easy run, but it didn't turn out that way. We started about normal and then the pace started edging up till we were breaking 7 minute miles on the bike path.

We did the 6 mile route in 43 minutes.

My hip felt better. I could feel it while running, but seemed to be easier to run even at the higher tempo. When we finished, I stretched some and it felt looser.

80 Minute Massage with Tara tonight.

Garmin Data for Run (Start/Stop Error in Data)

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