Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wash Park 7

Blogging on my new Eee PC 1000HE, very portable, small keyboard, but since it's a running blog I won't go into the tech specs. But I'm starting to like it, a lot...

I ran the Wash Park 7. No middle 3. Although it would have been a nice day for it. Very cool in the 60's with clouds and even a little drizzle during the run.

I wanted to go a bit up tempo (similar to Tuesday) but not hard also wanted to run the road route with my Garmin to see what the difference is in mileage from the path (0.06 miles). Not much, but the Garmin can be inconsistent to that level. 20:30 on the Up tempo. 2.92 miles

Garmin Data for the 3 Miles

Matt ran, but only went up tempo (more up than me). Tom, Jay and Craig ran the middle 3. Scott ran to the start and back. Lots of guys in the group are on vacation now, Scott and Jay are getting ready to go next week. Turns out Scott goes to a vacation spot in Michigan close to where Jill goes every year, small running world.

Good run overall, I wouldn't call it pain free, I definately felt the hip, but better than before so I think it's "healing".

7 Miles 52:30

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