Tuesday, July 21, 2009

5 Easy on the Track

Hip was better today, looks worse, but swelling is down and not as much pain. Calf's were stiff today though. Went to the track, since it's tuesday that's where I thought I should be. Just going to run easy and see who shows up.

None of the guys showed up (it was a cool, overcast but humid day for July). Alicia was there doing a 8X400 with a mile tempo run at the end. After she had swam 4k this morning before I was even awake. She is amazing, how much time and intensity are put into her workouts.

2 Mile run to the track, then I stretched a bit, did a mile easy about 7:40, stretched and did a 3:38 800 stretched some more and then did the Mile with Alicia at her pace, which ended up being 6:49. Felt pretty good, shaking out all the long run tightness.

Got a ride back to the Y with Alicia since I was at 5 miles already, didn't need 2 more.

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