Friday, July 24, 2009

More Cross Training

Went to the Y at lunch and cross trained. I wanted to run, the sun was out it was hot, really wanted to just take off and go around the golf course for 7, but the hip hurts when I walk and I use that as my test. If it hurts to walk, you shouldn't run on it, so I didn't. I also want to run the Bergen Peak run on Sunday (or part of it) and probably need the 2 days rest before Sunday.

I biked, rowed and even jumped on the Elyptical for 5 minutes. I was curious if the range of motion hurt my hip, it does not, so its the pounding that is causing the pain. I also did some weights and stretched.

Felt better, I've been icing it at work too and applying some heat. Plus taking Alleve.

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