Monday, April 29, 2013

Cherry Creek Sneak 10 Mile Race

I had a really good race at the Cherry Creek Sneak 10 Mile this year.  I ran a PR 1:08:31.  70 seconds faster than my PR from 2010.  I felt really good the whole race.  I tried to maintain my marathon goal pace of 6:53 and did for most of the race.  Really wanted to break 70 minutes which I've only done once.

Really love this event, I've done the 5 mile several times over the years, in all kinds of weather.  This year the weather was perfect for the 10 mile.  Started at 7:30 with temperatures around 50 and finished around 60.  I pushed my self all the way through.  Really once I got past the big hill at Cheeseman I knew I was on a PR pace if I could hold it.  It takes forever to run up 7th avenue, slight uphill but a long stretch and then turn around and come down the other side.  Coming down was really fun though and I got into a really nice 6:40 pace for 2 miles of down hill.  The last mile is a long stretch on speer, but I knew I was on PR pace so that pushed me through.

I finished 3rd in my age group and 42 overall.

Cherry Creek Sneak 10 Mile Results

Garmin Data for Cherry Creek Sneak 10 Mile Race

After the 10 mile race, I had about an hour break and then I ran the 5 mile with Criag Carver at his pace, which was just under an 8 minute mile.  That was fun, a bit tough to get going again after the hour break, but after about a half mile it felt good and a comfortable pace.  I stopped at the water stops and hydrated well.    The 5 mile was getting warm, into the 70's.  We made Craigs goal of breaking 40 (he got 4th in his age group).  I felt great for a total of 15 miles on a fantastic Colorado spring day.

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  1. You are ripping up the roads this year; your dedication is paying off in spades. Congrats.