Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bannister Mile

The Bannister Mile for our lunchtime running group was on Tuesday 5/14/2013.

I had a really good mile this year.  A PR 5:30.  Felt really good the whole way, had to push the last 200 to get my 5:30 goal.  I didn't really have anyone to "race" this year, there was a pretty good gap in front of me and behind me, so it was pretty much on my own after the first lap.  5th overall, 3rd in my age group. Ha! Behind Scott and Patrick.

Zach ran it too, he ran a 5:02, he was going for sub 5 and gave it his best shot, started out fast and faded a bit at the end.  But he won the race for the group, 1 second off the record.  He hasn't done any track or speed work for 7 months and is "out of shape".   He looked really good.  But Scott Hjicek was closing on him about 10 seconds behind.

2013 Bannister Mile 

Then we split up into two teams for the 8X200 mile relay, shirts vs skins.  With actual batons this year.
Zach and I both had the lead leg for each team.  He blasted by me on the turn and ran about a 27, I ran about a 30 though.  I was also supposed to run the last leg for our team, but switched with Zach (gave him my shirt) so he ran a leg for each team which balanced it out.  Shirts edged out the skins 4:19 to 4:20.

Zach and Dennis getting ready to start the 8X200 Relay
Shirts vs Skins

Zach had a pretty good lead on me for the 200, but I still ran a fast 30 seconds

With Dave Caprerra being unavailable this year, I kinda helped organize it, send out the emails.  Gina and Brittany came to the event and helped time and "organize" the race and relay.  Thanks to them for their help, we needed it.  It was a really fun race and I think everyone had a good time and raced hard.

2013 Bannister Mile Results

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