Sunday, May 19, 2013

Colfax Marathon Relay - 6.4 Mile Leg 1

I ran the Colfax Marathon Relay, Leg 1 on May 19th with team  Where's the Bus.
Same team as last year, same people, same legs for everyone, different name (named after Raj not finding the bus).

I felt really good and had a nice 6.4 mile run from City Park down to Mile High Stadium, mainly down hill.

I ran it in 43:41, a minute 19 seconds faster than last year, a 6:39 pace.  Nice day for the race.

Overall the team finished in 3:31, 3 minutes faster and moved up to 15 in our division.  

Running Through Mile High Stadium at about Mile 6.  Felt Good

Another shot with the Bronco in the background.

After my leg, I waited for Bob to come through, he was running the Marathon, he looked good, I ran with him a couple of blocks and wished him luck.  He ended up running a 3:36.

Then I ran about 6 miles back to City Park easy and waited for my team to finish.  I missed them at the finish, but saw Bob and Matt and Pete.  Matt was 4th overall in the 10 mile race, running a 1:04

I finally found my team in the post race party after searching for an hour, it was so crowded, but good food and drink and a really nice day in the park.  There's a team pic someone took of us, but I haven't found it yet, I'll post it when I do

Fun Event.  Next year we break 3:30?

Colfax Marathon Results

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