Tuesday, January 1, 2013

On the Run Again?

Or maybe on the Blog again, since I haven't actually quit running.  Just blogging about it.
And to be honest my running has gone way down, in miles and quality since I stopped blogging.  What happened?

My last race was the Denver Marathon, where I ran with Zach.  I did the half and he did the full Marathon.  I stayed with him for 3 miles and then told him to go.  He ran a fantastic 3:07 for his first Marathon at age 18.  So proud of him.  He's a freshman at CU now.

Anyway, I ran a mediocre Half at Denver and pulled a calf muscle at mile 11 or so, not a bad pull but enough to lame me for a couple of miles at the finish.  With a 1:39 half marathon.

So after that I felt burnt out and just ran for easy running.  Put on a little weight and didn't really care for racing or endurance.  25 mile weeks, and just enjoyed life for a while.

But then I ran a mile high loop 3 mile tempo after Thanksgiving and could not break 22.  I got on the scales at the Y after that run (first time in a while) and wow, I weight 165, 15 pounds over my running weight.  November 29, 2012.  So I said this stops now, if I put on my usual 5 pounds over Christmas I would be 170 and even slower.

So I signed up for the Moab half marathon in March 2013, started picking up the miles and the quality.  December was my highest mileage month of the year, 155 Miles.  But 2012 was my lowest mileage year since 2006.   And the first year I did not train for and run a Marathon since 2007.

I also started watching the calories and cutting back on drinking and excessive eating and snacking.  Adding long runs and pushing my speed workouts.  My goal are to
   1) Get back to my running weight , below 150 before Moab
   2) Get back my speed and endurance, maybe not to PR levels, but improve.
   3) Equal my Moab PR in the half of 1:33 in 2010
   4) Run a least 1 race per month in 2013
   5) Run a fall Marathon in 2013
   6) Have fun and enjoy life.

So it begins.

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