Saturday, June 1, 2013

Muddy Buffalo - 2 Mile Obstacle Run

I ran the Smoky Hill High School Muddy Buffalo Run on June 1, 2013.  This is a fund raiser for the Smoky Hill Cross Country team and a fun events for the neighborhood parents, runners, high school students and teachers and the cross country team and alumni.

It's a run obstacle course that's a 1 mile loop starting on the track and going over hey bales, through a maze of reeds, crab walking uphill, through tires, of course the mud, hills and back on the track.

The parent community race does 2 loops, so 2 miles total.

I might not normally blog this race, but I won the parent/community/student race this year.  Ran 13:48.  About a minute and a half faster than last year similar course.  It's not very often if ever I WIN a race so I had to blog it.  Last year Bill beat me, I won this year because he's a bit injured and I'm in better shape.  And I wanted it.  I saw the tape for the kids race and thought, I've never taken the tape in a race I want to do that today.

Finally I get to take the tape and win a race.  I tried to make it dramatic for the camera, in my head this was  a much cooler picture.  Maybe I should have gone for the lean.

First Lap, leading the field through the Reed Maze

Rounding the Corner after the hills and the mud pit. 

Of course I had some bloody knees, some rocks in the mud pit got me.
Let the summer running scab season begin.

Winners of the Parent/community Race
Dennis(1), Bill (2), Gina (3rd), Deb (2nd)

Gina ran too, her first race in a while, this was a goal for her though.  She did great, even got a medal for 3rd female.

More Pictures on the Smoky Hill Cross County Facebook Page Click Here

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