Wednesday, July 24, 2013

EPIC Rocky Mountain Relay

I ran the EPIC Rocky Mountain Relay July 19, 20th with the Anadarko Petroleum  Gassers.  This was my fourth Relay with the Anadarko runners.  This year they had two teams.

I had a really fun time.  One of our runners, Sarah, was sick the night before the relay and dropped out just hours before we started the race.  So Bob, Lonnie and I split up her 3 legs, running 1 each.  That gave me 4 legs with 24 total miles (8 more than expected).

I ran all 4 legs hard.  3 of them were downhill, the 4th was short 3.5 miles but a steady uphill.

Only having 11 runners made us a faster team that with 12, due to the fastest 3 runners splitting the legs.  We finished in 28: 31:53.

Results for 2013 EPIC Rocky Mountain Relay

Starting Line, Van 1 from each team.  Sean, Candice, Katherine, Lori, Dennis, Neal, Sharon, Bob, Cary, Sherry, Scott, Lonnie

Finish Line Anadarko Gassers 28:31:53
Brandon, Mike, Chelsea, Bob, Candice, Ronnet,Dennis, Raleen, Katherine, Elizabeth, Lonnie

Hanging out between the exchanges

Bob Giving Me Water on Leg 6

A sunset finish for me in Salida, after Leg 18, my favorite leg of the 4.

Garmin Watch Data Leg 6

Garmin Watch Data Leg 18

Garmin Watch Data Leg 28

Garmin Watch Data Leg 30

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