Saturday, January 1, 2011

A quick look back at 2010

2010 Was a good running year for me. Here's a quick recap of the year that was... /cliche


I ran 1875 miles, 2nd most ever from 1924 in 2008.
I ran 241 Days out of 365, 66% of the days. 2nd Most from 272 in 2007
I averaged 7.75 Miles per run, 2nd highest MPR from 2008

I ran in 13 races over the year, racing in 6 different states.

I set 3 PRs this year
10 MIle at Snowman on 2/27 - 1:09:41
1/2 Marathon at Michelson Trail on 6/6 - 1:31:37
10 K at Evergreen Town Race on 8/1 - 42:25

I ran 2 relays, a week apart in August. Cache Teton with Team Anadarko and Pickled Prostates for the 6th year in a row. Both teams did very well, winning their divisions and finishing 3rd and 2nd overall and I have a lot of fun memories from both relays and made some new friends with the Anadarko Team.

I ran two half marathons with my son Zach. Who had a great year running and suprassed me at every distance except the marathon.

I achieved my longtime goal of running the Boston Marathon on 4/19/2010 with a time of 3:28 qualifying for Boston at Boston.


Not a lot of negatives this year. I lacked motivation after the relays and felt beat down and slow to recover. I was healthy overall with no major injures, but I had a lot of nagging injuries with my left heel and my left hamstring that plauged me since Boston and are still not gone.

I only did 13 races, down from 17 the year before, not a real negative, but racing definately helps to keep that edge and motivation going. I lost a bit of confidence in my last few races after the relays. I did not have that push I did earlier in the year, I am left wondering if I can get my speed back to where it was.

I did not do a fall marathon, that is probably my biggest negative, even a mediocre marathon would have been a nice accomplishment before I cut back on my mileage.

So it was a good year, I would change a couple of things, but lots of great memories and runs and friends along the way.

Still thinking about my goals for 2011. A PR half at Moab is on the list but not sure after that.

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