Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Moab Week 4

This week was scheduled to be an easier week, backing off the mileage and intensity so I can come back strong next week. So the Theory goes....

Monday - Did an easy Cheesman 4 mile park run with the group. Craig, Tom, Jeff and I, Bob went long. Sore from yesterdays long run so it was good to run short and easy.

Tuesday - I had to work late Monday night and all day Tuesday, so no track workout or run. Just a quick walk with the dogs to clear my head. I only got about 4 hours sleep due to work.

Wednesday - Yoga. Same Sub as last week, but an easier class with more sitting poses. She might have overheard us talking after class...

Thursday - Middle 3. Great day for a middle 3. Sunny in the 50's. I ran 19:39. Disappointing compared to last year, but did improve a bit over 2 weeks ago. No track work helped. Good group but not a lot of middle 3ers. Matt ran with me from about Alameda on the way back for a half mile and then pulled away from me. Sore right calf afterwards 7 Miles with 3 at tempo.

Friday - Golf Course 7. Great Day, sunny, 65 Degrees, no wind. Nice Golf Course Run with Matt at a comfortable pace. Calf was sore before the run , but it stretched it out. Nice Recovery run.
7 Miles.

Saturday - Rest Day, Spent several hours watching Zach wrestle in a tournament. Walked the dogs late in the day.

Sunday - Tempo 6.5. Woke up with a sore back (thanks to the bleachers). Stretched it out some and then went for a 6.5 Mile Tempo run from my house through CC Park and then back through the neighborhood to Bellview and home. I wanted to average around 7:20. It's a tough route with some serious uphill. I was running 7:30's when I started to fade a bit in the 3rd mile. I really had to focus to get back on pace. Then I saw Jill running the other way at mile 3. I hadn't seen her in a while so we stopped to talk a bit. I caught my breath as we chatted for about 5 minutes. Then I took off, ran the 4th mile in 7:05, my fastest but it is flat there and the rest/recovery really helped. I did pretty good on the hills, felt stronger and finished strong. Ran the 6.5 in 49:35. The fastest I've run that route, but the rest stop helped. It does give me a bit of a confidence boost that my 4 weeks of training are starting to take hold. After the tempo run, I ran an easy 1.5 mile cool down with the dogs in the fields at SH. 8 Miles total with 6.5 at tempo.

Weekly Summary - 4 Days, 28 Miles, 2 Tempo Runs

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