Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Moab Week 3

Monday - Nice Day, ran with the group to Wash Park and Back. Group of about 7 Split up on the way, at the turn around and at the path, so ended up just Andres and I for the 7. I was kind of sore from my long run, but we had a decent pace. Also ran on Humboldt on the way back which has a pretty good hill for about a half mile. The MLK parade was going on so we had to dodge it as we crossed Colfax on the way out. Pete M was there and Matt met us at 7th since it was a holiday. Matt and Bob went around the park. Tom came back on the bike path with Pete. 7 Miles

Tuesday - 50 Degrees for about 3 days in a row, so the track was melted. Did my first real track workout in about 3 months. 6 X 800 Intervals with a 200 recovery between. Time range was 259-305. About 5 seconds off where I should be and about 10 seconds off from last year when I started the track. Felt good overall though. Craig M ran them with me and Pete C did some 400's with some 800's. Bob ran the mile high loop. 7 Miles total with 3 at speed.

Wednesday - Yoga. Substitute Teacher, Challenging class

Thursday - Worked at home and it snowed. I was still sore from Tuesday's track workout and new the footing would be bad for a tempo run. I ended up running 5 miles with the dogs around the neighborhood at an easy pace. Waited till about 3 for the snow to melt in the sun. 5 Miles

Friday - Ran the Golf Course with Matt at a decent pace. Traded my 5 miles yesterday for 7 today, but no tempo. Still sore from the track, hamstring mainly. Nice day though and snow was mostly gone but we ran in the street down 23rd due to the snow.

Saturday - Rest Day, spent most of the day at Smoky watching the Varsity Wrestling tournament they hosted. Zach had 4 matches. Tough day, lots of good wrestlers. Spoke with Manley a bit about track coming up. He dropped by to see some of the runners wrestle but missed them and had to leave.

Sunday - Long Run 12. Left at 11, ran the trails at CC Park up to the entrance and down by the Marina, then home via the bike trail and the road. Nice running weather. I faded some on my pace and I had some stomach cramps about half way through. Slower than I wanted but it was 12 miles. Seems like I say this every week but I have a lot of work to do before Moab.

Weekly Total 5 Days - 38 Miles with 1 speed workout and 1 long run of 12.

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