Saturday, October 9, 2010

Band on The Run - 2 Mile Race 12:53

Ran the Band on the Run 2 Mile Race this morning. This is a small neighborhood race that's a fund raiser for the SHHS band. I've done it pretty much every year since inception. The cross country team runs it for a training run and a lot of the parents of the cross country and band teams do it. Less than 150 people but can be pretty competetive since there are some good parents and coaches that run it.

This year, was a bit down in attendance despite a fantastic fall day for the race.

I ran 12:53, slow compared to the last few years. I got 3rd overall and won my age group. Got a nice wind breaker muzano.

I ran about even splits, 6:25 Pace. I was trying to keep up with Bill Mills, but he always seems to beat me by about 20 seconds. Matt the young XC coach won with a time of 11:31.

The boys varsity XC team passed me easily about 3/4 mile into the race, I joked with them as they passed about not being sure if they were the cross country team or the band. Then they slowed and did an extra half mile jog then raced the finish. So technically I finished ahead of them. They finished as a group, but Zach got 2nd and a hat. He also won a $100 pair of shoes at the raffle. Yeah!

Garmin Watch Data for Race

Jill was there, she won her age group. Been a while since I did a race with Jill. Kathy won the female division she was about a minute behind me. I watched a few runners finish and then when Gina came by with the dogs about 16 minutes, I did the 2nd lap with her and dogs, mainly running with a couple of walk breaks for the dogs. Fun Day.

Nice job Lisa Mills organizing the race.

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